Act over Ponder

Recent events have shaken up a little corner inside many of us. However, this feeling isn’t the first boil in hot water.Horrific and depressing marks have been imprinted on the world in the past. But every time we empathize, debate and then get over it. A disturbance in homogeneity is produced by one end through loss or trauma but the balance is assumed to be brought about by the other end via personal opinions or donations. Yes, such balance is essential to create uniformity of peace in the world but it isn’t sufficient enough. Just as food, water, education and money; it is pretty evident that peace and security are equally demanded. The question is who takes the responsibility to ensure provision of all of these elements…the governments, social groups or everyone. I will post this and continue my life but I pledge to become ready from this moment to act whenever a boil in the water needs my soothe. I hope everyone does that too.

Making Peace with Me or Us


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