Whats Wrong With the World.. A Monkey Knows It Better..!!!

The lives of many can be assumed to be following a set route. One starts with realizing your senses, using these senses to build your dreams, paddling away the rest of the lives to surpass these goal dreams and ending with crawls in the direction to build new checkpoint dreams. This journey has its fare share of marsh lands, speed breakers, pits and highways but ultimately its the sensibilities of the driver which decides the map to follow.

The lives of some; for our ignorance, and many; for our acceptance, are instructed to follow a set route. Their senses are conditioned, dreams are defined and the paddling which induces that stinging pain in one’s arms, are involved in such journeys. There isn’t a land to support you but the speed breakers hurt your soul’s back bone. The entire journey is in a pit and the highway is too high up to reach alone. However, the driver has the control to proceed and face whatever that may lie ahead. To be precise, the driver shows off his robotic training perfectly.

The picture brings a sense of shock….grim…. anger and hatred towards everyone who is holding the leash. Man is said to have evolved to adapt to new environments and learn the ways to control their life journeys. But many believe the need to crush at least one evolutionary element of the world in order to move ahead. The one receiving the brunt of this crush is often the living which is still vulnerable… Be it a child, animal, or any other minority for that matter. The people; around the leash holder and innocent trapped within the chains; either walk pass and ignore, or, ย enjoy and throw in a quarter. Very few drivers in this category of people, get off their vehicles and help other riders in converting their journeys from controlled and agonizing to free and peaceful.

If a monkey like the one in the picture can trigger the feelings of angst among some of us…… if a monkey can give us a reality check of the suppressed…if a monkey can show us what’s wrong with the world… do we as free riders have no power to make things correct…!!

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4 thoughts on “Whats Wrong With the World.. A Monkey Knows It Better..!!!

  1. Excellent! I loved the title. Its catchy.

    And the message to the drivers, i feel it often. I get this thought very often. Sometimes, why do we realize it very late? Why is that we don’t learn from others mistakes! Leave it apart, why don’t we learn from our own past mistakes!
    Well, life isn’t that easy i guess.

    It was a great read! Thank you for sharing your thoughts! I like the metaphor you have used to convey the message!

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