Diverse Ways of Employing Power: Indian Woman

Its been long debated… often a one sided extempore which favor the violated, discriminated and helpless faces of Indian Woman. Being a Indian Woman myself, I believe there are plethora of shades in us just like an Indian Man. Who said the Indian Woman is defined by universal tags? Who advocated the societal rule of accepting Indian Woman as either the white or the black? We have grey among us….we aren’t different from the rest but the diversity lies within us….within the Indian Women..!!!

Be it any human, every one has a sense of power. Metamorphosis of power, however, may be different for different beings. What could be the common translations of power in Indian Woman…. Are they possibly identical to Women everywhere in the world?

1. The One Who Leads

2. The One Who Dominates

3. The One Who Mobilizes

4. The One Who Manipulates

5. The One Who Supports

6. The One Who Subverts

7. The One Who Conforms

8. The One Who Reforms

And these are just a few grains from the ‘Power’ pot..!!!…. Many More to Explore…Many More to Comprehend !!!


3 thoughts on “Diverse Ways of Employing Power: Indian Woman

    1. I know right!!! And I am sure there are plethora facets that remain undiscovered, still!! Thanks for stopping by. Comment on an old post is surely a surreal feeling. Cheers maryam 😀


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