Whats Wrong With the World.. A Monkey Knows It Better..!!!


The lives of many can be assumed to be following a set route. One starts with realizing your senses, using these senses to build your dreams, paddling away the rest of the lives to surpass these goal dreams and ending with crawls in the direction to build new checkpoint dreams. This journey has its fare share of marsh lands, speed breakers, pits and highways but ultimately its the sensibilities of the driver which decides the map to follow.

The lives of some; for our ignorance, and many; for our acceptance, are instructed to follow a set route. Their senses are conditioned, dreams are defined and the paddling which induces that stinging pain in one’s arms, are involved in such journeys. There isn’t a land to support you but the speed breakers hurt your soul’s back bone. The entire journey is in a pit and the highway is too high up…

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