Advocating ‘ HEALTHY SLEEPING’ at Educational Institutes

Click/ Copy-Paste The American Thoracic Society Link for more information on Sleep Apnea and Cardiovascular Risks :

Click/ Copy-Paste the link for browsing through Methodology to Research Impact of Sleep on Daily Activities of Students :

If Sleep Apnea is directly linked to Hypertension, can there be a correlation between obstructive sleep, hypertension and impact on daily activities.

Should educational institutes advocate awareness camps for ‘Healthy Sleeping’? Wouldn’t the camps; which provide free consultation on sleep disorders, prove as an asset for students everywhere?

To squeeze in a lighter note here, wouldn’t it be awesome to have your colleges asking you to ‘Have a Great Sleep?’ …would take off the edge from all the module tests and presentation..wouldn’t it? …..(Hinting towards a health promotion tip!!!!)


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