Who would have thought the cartoons to be inspirational for some… not me certainly..!! But there are a few gems in our society who are developing a new genre of humor …which not only produces a chuckle from all of us but it also manages to give an introspection to everyone in the same society. What we were…. what we are… where are we heading…. the answers to such deep questions can be easily realized with a few or even one cartoon… for instance, the cartoons below do not require any context…. self explanatory and sufficient enough for us to judge the evolutionary curve of communication!

Often the work of social awareness and health promotion involves realization of reality which can be daunting to many. We can never let go of the ethical rules and we always have to keep our empathetic as well as practical personalities on the fore front. But being a social researcher, I have realized that people like the activists to be easy going and comforting and the social conversations to not be overly intense. If we have to be practical with our approaches which is comforting as well; the tone of our actions becomes restricted… and so, one of these ways is fostering realization with humor..!!

Speaking of cartoons and social action, the minds rarely pop up with women creators. It may be because majority of the animators, cartoonists and graphic designers are men. What could be the reasons for this majority… well perhaps would ponder upon this in the next blogs… but for now, I would just like to acknowledge some of the wonderful work done by a New York based female cartoonist, Liza Donnelly. She has set an example for many women who firstly never realized this field to be apt for their professional interests or even if the women did, majority never really touched upon the funny bone in their creations. Well, its not too late. Perhaps the Liza Donnelly video below may inspire some women and also the men (well there are jokes!!) to rekindle their romance with humor..!

So there were two things, this post was aimed at… in case you were lost!

Firstly, wake up to the needs and benefits of humor in social action and secondly, Blabbering around ‘Women..the Victim’ or ‘Women… the serious sex’ isn’t always necessary. In fact, we should completely rubbish these notions. Instead, establish ‘attractive humorous women’ in the world…Now won’t that be great..!!!

Leaving you with some of Liza Donnelly’s work..!!



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