BEAN BAGS, WHEELIES OR STURDY CHAIRS..!! (Not a Post from the Furniture Store)

THE CHAIR YOU ARE SITTING ON NOW….. WOULD PREDICT YOUR ABILITY TO BECOME MOTIVATED…… (A Non Scientific, Humor Less and Inane Relationship Theory Decoded)

Before I blether, let me just point out a fact that the post is written by the author seated in a bean bag. Now back to where the readers’ minds were …what is with this blah title..!! The blahness or vagueness in the title is indicative of the vague influences that one would require in order to be motivated. So this post tries to clear the vagueness by linking motivation with your everyday chairs….and how the three seats, bean bag, wheelies and sturdy chairs behave when faced with motivational resources. If, the reader like me can visualize him/her seated in a bean bag, he/ she would probably require a sea of resources to become motivated.

The same sentence might be better understood with the phrases like; ‘What gets your ass off the bean bag’ and needless to point here that the ass could be lazy, bored, depressed or even arrogant. When such is the case, motivation to create an opportunity is scarce unless the bum isn’t languid enough to activate the mind. Additionally, the ones glued to the bean bags wouldn’t appreciate any comments or questions on the duration, actions and future seating arrangements. They would probably enjoy the present and imagine some concrete actions for the future. To give an easy example for this, if a person is asked to get up from the bean bag to pass on a bottle of water from the next table, he might retort with a plain, No or appear busy.

If that doesn’t work, then the person would utilize his yoga expertise and stretch out his legs and arms at the widest possible angles. If the person prevents himself from stumbling on the floor, he might be able to quench the other person’s thirst. However, the bean bag man would be clever enough to multi-task a bunch of other things before he sits on the bean bag again. Considering the same example; after passing on the bottle, if the person is on his feet, he might lift those feet up and down to serve the purposes of answering the nature’s call or picking up food, quilts, chargers, etc for the next sitting.

So the motivation in the example was to prevent the actions of getting up again for the requirements that may surface later and to avoid any ridicule from people around. So how does this bean bag fit in a wider context?… well! Simple, just replace the person asking for water with the ‘benefits’; water bottle with the ‘goals’, getting up with ‘actions required’ and bean bag with ‘insufficient motivation’…..So can we loosely find a relationship..

  1. Requesting Person’s Appreciation (Benefits) – Bottle of Water (Goal) – Getting Up (Action Required) – Keep sitting on the Bean Bag (Insufficient Motivational Behavior)
  2. Healthy Body (Benefits) – Healthy and Fresh food (Goal)  Healthy Home Cooking over Quick Cooking (Action Required) – Consuming easily available Packet Food/ Fast Food (Insufficient Motivational Behavior)
  3. Higher Professional Pay Scales and other Amenities (Benefits) – Job Application and Interviews (Goal) – Job Search (Action Required) – Continuing with unemployment or jobs with no professional satisfaction (Insufficient Motivational Behavior)
  4. Long Lasting Relationships (Family/ Friends/ Professional) (Benefits) – Committing to nurturing the relationship (Goal) – Meeting/Calling/Skyping conversing rather than networking (Action Required) – Continuing with the smileys, forwards and updates on the many online social platforms (Insufficient Motivational Behavior)
  5. Experiences beyond the native land (Benefits) – Travelling and Conversing with people around the globe (Goal)  Pick up the feasible destination, book the tickets, move around, explore communities in the real and online world (Action Required)  Planning for a communication with the other world in the years to come, Joining a community to receive theoretical information, maintaining a bucket list without a single check (Insufficient Motivational Behavior)
  6. Satisfaction of presenting a write up (Benefits) – Managing time to write your mind (Goal)  think, translate and type (Action Required)  Keep thinking (Insufficient Motivational Behavior)  

So one never really achieves anything on the bean bag… However, if the readers notice, a bean bag isn’t entirely a negative word. In fact, it is symbolic of comfort and support too. Well of course, motivation is essential for all of us but we cannot portray ourselves as machines. We are humans and we require our relaxed asses on the bags from time to time….. just so we are rejuvenated enough to be motivated again.

Now what about the Wheelie Chairs? Well firstly by wheelie chairs, I mean this!!!

So the people sitting on their wheelie chairs delay motivation by twisting and twirling their way around. They don’t actually get up but still manage to complete the task. How do they do it? Well they twist their actions to the point where the goals are achieved by being just one notch above the border of insufficient motivational behaviours. However, it should be noted that the benefits are often unattainable and there is constant a risk of drooping down to bean bags at any point of time. Consider the same example of the water bottle with the change of seat from bean bag to wheelie chair. Now the person in wheelie would paddle his legs with force just enough to grab the bottle. After passing on the bottle, since he continues to be seated, there isn’t much scope of getting up and doing something else unless the table on which the bottle was kept has something of his use, such as food, pen, earphones etc.

So how does wheelie chair motivation cycle look like?…Again, replace the person requesting for water as ‘benefits’, water bottle as ‘goals’, paddling legs to move the chair as ‘twisted actions’ and grabbing the pen as ‘out of chance motivations’. Utilizing the same examples in this cycle;

  1. Requesting Person’s Appreciation (Benefits) – Bottle of Water (Goal)(Paddling Legs to Grab Bottle (Twisted Actions)Grabbing a Pen on the same table (Out of Chance Motivations)
  2. Healthy Body (Benefits) – Healthy and Fresh food (Goal)  Going over a Friend’s Place for Healthy Home Cooked Food (Twisted Actions) – Noting the Recipes for Future Reference (Out of Chance Motivations)
  3. Higher Professional Pay Scales and other Amenities (Benefits) – Job Application and Interviews (Goal) – Handing over the case to Job Agencies (Twisted Actions) – On the Spot Knowledge and Application for Current Job offers (Out of Chance Motivations)
  4. Long Lasting Relationships (Family/ Friends/ Professional) (Benefits) – Committing to nurturing the relationship (Goal) – Meetings and Conversations with mutual friends (Twisted Actions) – Realizing the common attributes with ourselves (Out of Chance Motivations)
  5. Experiences beyond the native land (Benefits) – Travelling and Conversing with people around the globe (Goal)  Attending compulsory Company funded workshops and seminars in a different land (Twisted Actions) – Associate with people and realize the experiences in the new place (Out of Chance Motivations)
  6. Satisfaction of presenting a write up (Benefits) – Managing time to write your mind (Goal)  Rephrasing another write up or photograph (Twisted Actions)Developing new inspiration from comments (Out of Chance Motivations)

So the wheelie has the ability to attain the benefits if the goals and out of chance motivations are satisfied consistently. However, if the actions are so consistent; with time, one would observe the deletion of insufficient or out of chance motivations, doubling benefits and replacement of paddling legs to walking legs as ‘actions’. This would be the characteristic motivation cycle for a person seated in a sturdy chair.

Considering the same example, upon hearing the person’s request for the water bottle, the person seated on the sturdy chair would instantly get up, pass on the bottle of water and perhaps ask the other person regarding his other requirements. So putting the motivation cycle in a wider context,

  1. Requesting Person’s Appreciation + Regard  (Benefits Doubled) – Bottle of Water (Goal) – Picking Up the Bottle and Passing on to the Thirsty Person (Action)
  2. Healthy Body + Cooking Skills  (Benefits Doubled) Healthy and Fresh food (Goal)– Cooking fresh food at home (Action)
  3. Higher Professional Pay Scales and other Amenities + Professional Respect  (Benefits Doubled) Job Application and Interviews (Goal) – Active job search and skill development (Action)
  4. Long Lasting Relationships (Family/ Friends/ Professional) + Belongingness to Communities (Benefits Doubled) Committing to nurturing the relationship (Goal) – Believing in being there for your people and Committing regular intervals of time for social life (Action)
  5. Experiences beyond the native land + Knowledge on World Perspectives  (Benefits Doubled) Travelling and Conversing with people around the globe (Goal) – Travelling, Active Blogging, Researching, Participating and Experiencing the Unknown (Action)
  6. Satisfaction of presenting a write up + Appreciation from Readers (Benefits Doubled) Managing time to write your mind (Goal) – Writing your mind and presenting it in the best way possible (Action)

Being seated in a sturdy chair surely appears to be the most favorable. However, extremes aren’t always enticing. Too much benefits and appreciations may develop a larger head or too much perfection may suck out all the vigor. Additionally, many of the ones in sturdy chairs may be taken for granted due to their habit of excelling and satisfying the needs at every time.  As a result of these excessive persistent motivations, the sturdy chairs start becoming painful for the bums and a shift to wheelies or bean bags can be predicted in the near future.

Therefore, whether it is bean bag, wheelie or sturdy chair, permanent attachment of the bums to any of these isn’t practical and advisable. One needs to timely shift their motivational influences and behaviors so as to have a satisfying happy life.

So just like I mentioned at the very start, currently I am in a bean bag with my next shift to the sturdy chair. Where do you think your confused bum is seated currently?


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