Yep you read it right..!! HOP for a peaceful you …… well hopefully you didn’t skip this just after reading the title…if someone did; hope he/ she doesn’t end up hopping and jumping everywhere in search of peace ! Though that would have a potential to be a hilarious sight….but moving on !!

So all of us have our shares of stressed and non peaceful moments in our lives! For example, currently I am in the midst of applying to universities for my doctoral education which begets certain tense moments….well …a lot of tense moments. But then I HOP, and it all gets better. I cannot completely deny that the hopping with the literal meaning wasn’t practiced at certain instants and the fact that this hopping with the heavy weight of mine did brought some cracks in the floor; but the HOP has certainly helped a lot in relieving my stress quotients. I believe everyone has the capacity to HOP if they practice it in their routine lives. So, HOP HOP HOP, what is this HOP?

So, the three essentials of HOP are HOPE, OPTIMISM and POSITIVISM. These three have the power to not only help people to achieve peace within themselves, but present a peaceful persona which proffers harmony and happiness to others around.

Let’s start with the H…..In our times of stress, H or the Hope would relieve us from our worries regarding a convinced failure. Whenever one is in a disturbed moment, he/ she should never let go of the hope to Move On and Succeed. If there isn’t any hope for the future; Motivation and Willingness to work around our troubles die. And we certainly don’t want the stress to win over ourselves!! Do we?

One needs to remember that the stress is built by the person himself and he has the supreme power to either use it as something that makes you go… ‘Oh No!!! All Over’.…or use it as… ‘Oh Okay!! What’s Next’   …!! Troubles come with varying intensities. It is ultimately the power within us that can metamorphose any situation in our favour ….and all of this power is built on plain old HOPE!!

Now, how is the O in HOP different? Well, Hope gives one the strength to take a step away from chaos. But one cannot do that without an Optimistic mind.

Imagine the trouble to be; you with an excessively spicy soup in a restaurant. The ‘hot’ in soup isn’t the peace you wished for and as a result you decide to HOP.So the H or Hope gives you the direction to do something about it… perhaps calling the waiter hoping he will assist you. However, when the waiter arrives, the flaming mouth waivers your mind and you forget the O in HOP…So what do you do.…well in this example, the waiter arrives and you blabber ‘the soup is spicy… the soup is spicy’.  Then what does the waiter do? He would thank you for complementing the use of spices in the soup, perhaps refill your water glass and leave you to finish the same soup bowl. Had the person kept his optimistic foot on the table, his dialogue with the waiter would have had the sentences like, ‘The soup is spicy. I believe you can take it back to the chef to make it suitable for my palette.’ …Now, how did the O work this up..?

Well, the O in HOP gives one the power to take an action towards achieving peace. On one hand where Hope has the capacity to make one ‘let go, forget, forgive, move on‘; Optimism on the other hand pushes one to introspect and act with thoughts such as ‘Now that you have let gone What’s better in store, Recognize, Work it Up, This Will do It‘.

Lack of Hope and Optimism in life can sure be perceived to produce higher sense of practicality in a person; but, pursuing life with just the practical attitudes withers off your will to desire or dream. For instance, while applying for a job or university admission, if one just keeps his/ her practical shoes on, he/she may limit himself/ herself to applying at sub standard organizations. However, with the ‘socks of Hope and Optimism’ along with your ‘real world shoes’, dreams to apply for higher posts/ institutions are encouraged as well as actions to explore better opportunities are fostered. Moreover, extreme practicality in life is too monotonous and boring…It is a plain and pale state where everything is to be done as everything is required to be done!! This monotony should only be fashioned by robots….if humans exercise this robotic behaviour….wear and tear would eventually occur…resulting in distress..!!!..So if we, humans, internalize hope and optimism within us, zest and thrill of the unexpected future would be fortified and life would in turn become a smooth…revitalizing and peaceful journey!!!

Did the post forget to mention the P in HOP?… Switch on the hope and optimism in you ….and you will arrive at the P that is Positivism. So when you HOP, the H and O act as sparse soothers which facilitate in leaving the stressed zones by marching towards happy circles. However, just like a family builds on cohesiveness or the way roots and fruits are bolstered by the stem; Hope and Optimism too are riveted to Positivism.

For instance in the same example, while waiting for the change of soup bowl, one may doubt the levels of taste in the altered food…or bombard the brain by having thoughts such as …Is the restaurant going to charge me extra for the new soup? I hope it isn’t too sweet now. Why are they taking so much time? …Resulting in a drift away from peace..!! In such cases, the H and O are active but may die down unless one has positivism installed within the self. So for the same example, if HOP would have been complete, the one waiting for the new soup would have hummed songs instead of worrying for the soup that will eventually be as it is meant to be.

Apprehensions and Negative Emotion cannot amend destined situations. For instance, if one has to travel 20 hours on a plane; cribbing about the duration and discomfort of the travel would multiply the stress levels. On the other hand, if one relaxes, sleeps, watches movie, reads, meditates, converses…. the twenty hour travel can prove to be rejuvenating. Some events in life will eventually happen as it is supposed to happen. If we keep the positivism intact, not just during the extreme stressed events but in everyday life, nothing can really mess with our minds..our calm…our peace..!! This way, even if the results or situations aren’t satisfying, the positive energy in us would sustain the hope and optimism within, resulting in peaceful acceptance of reality.

So the H relieves, O acts and P sustains….!!!

The examples of the spicy soup, travel, applications may all look petty but then if you have the talent to HOP, you would certainly have the power to trivialize any disturbing source, event or person.

Now that we know how the HOP functions, let’s gets to the 5H..!! The 5H are the 5H Springs that can help you achieve a higher and stable hopping experience. What are these springs…?… Well these are HUMOR; HOBBY; HUM; HMM and HAHA... silly and simple…Aren’t they?

HUMOR- Read, listen or watch something funny every day. Now a days, many are dependent on technology for their daily humor. There isn’t much harm in that as long as you are laughing and relaxing. Stand up comedians, youtubers, funny snapchats are so in season for our laughter doses…. If you aren’t too much into technology for humor, well go out, observe people find the humor in real life situation. Perhaps, share a joke with your buddy, dress up funny at home, dance funny, sing funny…. and yes, the sing and dance funny really work even if you are alone..!! Whatever you do, make sure you are laughing everyday!!

HOBBY – Singing and Dancing are hobbies that provide magical springs to your hopping abilities. In a tensed situation, if you have the ability to sing or dance it off, boy, you don’t need any HOP lessons. Painting, gardening, playing an instrument, sport, cooking, photography (which I assume is slowly becoming a universal hobby), writing or Blogging…whatever it is… pursue it on a regular basis..!! Investing few minutes on a hobby everyday relaxes and revitalizes you. So move a muscle, any muscle….everyday!!

HUM – Humming chants or meditating on a daily basis, especially when one does it immediately after waking up or before sleeping act wonders for enhancing one’s hopping abilities. You don’t necessarily need a course to learn meditation. Just sit or lie down, close your eyes, breathe deeply and clear your mind from any thoughts. It is actually difficult to not think about anything but one eventually gets the hang of it. It is easier when you divert all your attention to a single chant or word. So any way that you like, the idea is to clear your head for a few minutes every day. Try doing it and you will see the change!

HMM and HAHA – So every event of the daily life doesn’t really need an in depth contemplation or vitality. Some things you let go and say HMMMMM….and some you laugh off and go HAHAAAAA ..!! So if you have say a.. Sudden rush of driver’s stress due to an amateur driver in front of your automobile….just HMM…HAHA and move on…! ..or an Insignificant person with a taunt for you…HMM.. HAHA and move on..!!.. Prices too high to buy…HMM…HAHA and move on..! No Electricity…HMM..HAHA..Go pay your Bills!!

So you see….HOP and the 5H are certainly a must for everyone. It comes without a price ….! Once purchased, installed and practiced…Peace is ensured with a lifelong guarantee…!! 

So don’t wait up….Get your 5H and start HOPpingg for a peaceful you!!! 😀 😀



  1. That’s a wonderful theory! I can’t imagine the amount of sustained inspiration you might have had for writing a post this long and descriptive, complete with examples!
    And as easy as it is to read and nod your head to, but its difficult to implement it. And even more difficult to sit and explain it to someone. Kudos to you, fellow Indian. Spread the HOP all over! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks ya with the amazingly quirky blog name usernamescangosuckmy !!! Your words are too kind for this really random post…have to confess that this post is difficult for even me to read again…! Loved the fun feedback though..looking forward to reading your blogs. Cheers 😀 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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