Link for ‘India’s Daughter’, A BBC Documentary

Tolerance is an art which is exemplified best by barking dogs and the marching elephant. Banning and drifting the focus from realization to accusation is nowhere a tolerant action, but instead an exaggeration of denial, disparage and desultory. Terming Introspection as fashionable for the cocktail circuits and pinpointing the actions from a foreign land are burying women issues under the carpet as well as kicking off our own responsibilities of working towards a progressive nation.

Yes, not the best documentary but serves the purpose of generating a stir within…..Which fosters in realizing that it all boils down to education, women equality and freedom for every being for societal progress. And how  the country is ahead and also behind… The big contrast needs diminishing and everyone has to contribute…AND THIS IS ALL THAT WE HAVE TO TAKE FROM THESE 59 MINUTES..!!

Just pause the thoughts for two minutes and think if scrapping the video is what all of us are actually counting on for a safer nation!!! ..Shouldn’t the reform start with a priority action on the criminals in prison, criminals in uniform and criminals in power by the worthy in power and worthy to mediate!!!!




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