Thought Blast From the Past!! :D

Let’s relive the past twenty five years Papa; through a short recap of my thoughts!! 😀

Yawning away to glory; slowly the eyes open! I stretch the brand new hands, legs and contemplate the first thoughts ever;

“Hmm… so this is it. I have been planted here by the Almighty.”

“Not bad! But it’s getting a little boring.  If only there was a television, toys and a mall around here, it wouldn’t have been so difficult to pass time.”

“No social networking medium to post my selfies and catch up with fellow fetuses… Hmm! I think it’s time for me to move out. I am too old now….”

And the push begins… slowly the head comes out!

“Woaah… What is this world?”

“Oh my! This is overwhelming. I think I want to reconsider the moving out thing.”

“Hello anyone, can you please send me back inside?”

“Hello! Hello…Oh nobody understands my language. Hello! Hello… What the Baby!!”

“Okay now, here comes the cranky tears!”

After a few minutes;

“Why have they covered me with a towel? Don’t you have a blue frock or something?”

“And who is this man standing next to me smiling away without a break. What is he so happy about?”

“Is he Mom?”

“Not sure! But he is the first person to console me and he is holding me so nicely…I think I am falling asleep!”

“I am so comfortable… I am slowly feeling at home…!”

“Let me just look at him again… He is still smiling…! ”

“So he is either a model for the toothpaste commercial, or wait, he may just be my Dad!!”

“Hmmm… so sleepy… so secure…”

“Yes, he is my Dad, my Papa!! Hmm… Yawn Yawn!!”

“You are my Papa… Thank you for welcoming me in this scary world.”

“Thank you for telling me through your silent smiles that everything is okay and there is nothing to worry about.” “Okay, so I am sleepy again. Yawn! Yawn!”

A few months later;

“Too much of prattling, I must say! There is constant Ole le le le, Ale le le, Pyaaru, Chintu, Pintu, and so much else going around here!”

“But, why am I enjoying this?”

“I cannot let go of my smile and sometimes I just break out laughing on inane things for instance; just the other day, my Papa picked me up on his shoulders and started dancing. This could be so kiddish to others, but not for me. At first I was so worried that I would fall especially when my mummy brought a camera in front of me but slowly I realized, I was laughing and enjoying.”

“Yeah, it was so much fun.”

“My Papa has also given me a teddy bear and some other toys but they are most fun with Papa around. He makes everything so much fun.”

“I am loving this new world where I don’t have to worry about my food, hygiene and especially, entertainment.”

“Thank  you Papa for introducing comfort, security and enjoyment in my life. I couldn’t have been more carefree and loved if you weren’t around.”

Few more years pass by;

“Mummy is preparing my Tiffin box. Who will make my ‘choti’ (plait) now?”

“Oh look, Papa is already ready with the comb and oil.”

“Yeah… my hair is done. It looks great.”

“He definitely has become my exclusive morning hairdresser for a few years now.”

“He is also watching ‘Courage the Cowardly Dog’ with me… and ‘Popeye’ too.”

“Okay so I am ready now and look; I have perfectly polished shoes… all ready to go to school!”

“He comes so late in the night after work. Still he wakes up early, voluntarily, to do all the nanny jobs for me. That too, with a smile! How does he manage that, everyday?”

“How is he able to take care of me in spite of a hectic work schedule and how is he always there whenever I need him?”

“He surely is a Superman Papa… Superpapa, perhaps trained in fatherhood (I am guessing a PhD in Fatherhood or something!)”

“Thank You Papa for being there with me and taking such wonderful care of me. Thank you for smiling and laughing with me in spite of hectic lives at the office and otherwise.”

After a few more years and much more kilos on me;

“I have been going out so much. My Papa takes me out for drives, ice-creams, dinners and vacations.”

“I am exploring so many new places and people. However, I am still not exposed to the darker side of the world.” “My Papa protects me from all the ill, gloom and negativity.”

“He leads the family and stands up strong when faced with an issue; so much so, that I don’t even realize the presence of it.”

“I move freely while he secretly fights all the odds.”

“How strong, fearless and loving one has to be to adopt this role of a timeless protector!”

“He is not even armed. He is just brave… very brave!”

“Thank you Papa for protecting me from all the bad in the world. Thank you for showing me the good in the world. ”

A few more years and a swift increase in height later;

“In spite of loving parents, being the only daughter can be a bit boring especially when my friends go on and on about how their siblings trouble them, how they play with each other and also how they hate each other.”

“May be I am missing something!”

“I see my Papa noticing and smiling.”

“I am aware that he knows what I want more than I do.”

A few days later; one day, I open the door;

“Oh my god! Look who has joined the family… my german shepherd, Radha!”

“Awee… it is so cute! I love her!”

“Again, I cannot stop myself from smiling. ”

“What was I ever missing before, fail to remember! I am so happy.”

“Look at my Papa, he is so happy to see me happy.”

“He really addresses my every feeling… happy, sad and confused.”

“He makes everything bright and positive.”

“Thank you Papa for noticing my every chuckle and frown. Thank you for understanding the unsaid and giving me a childhood so happy that I can relive it all over again!”

Few more years later with a serious change in shape and psyche;

“So the hair is mostly left open now…! The visits to the beauty salon have increased…!”

“Peers have expressed their presence and so have the books…!”

“Irrational desire to grow up is getting stronger by the day. Defiance as well as idealism dominates. Ironically I do not want to be considered as a child now…but this hasn’t fazed my Papa, ever.”

“He never points out my erratic behavior, my mistakes (the Mum is the in charge here!!) but he teaches me to grow through his own unique way.”

“He is slowly enlightening me with his worldly wisdom which is helping me to evolve and mature. He is making sure that I have my freedom and that I also understand how to use it correctly.”

“However, all the learning is being done in the comfort of my house where I don’t have to worry about my air conditioning needs, my fancy dinners, my clothes, fees, classes… and so much more.”

“It is easy being idealistic when you are away from the realistic, isn’t it!”

And the teenage goes on; 

“Shall I become a Doctor? Teacher? Performer? Researcher?… ”

“Shall I sit for a competitive exam?”

“Shall I pursue education abroad? Or shall I pursue my education in India but in a different city?”

“How lucky I am to make all these decisions by myself. It can be a bit daunting at times but I am glad my Papa is there to guide me.”

“Somehow; even when the future is bleak to me now, he believes in me.”

“And I don’t see myself growing up as Aryabhatta or Ambani, but he still manages to see a bright future for me full of successes and happiness.”

“He has given me the freedom to make my own decisions. But when in a doubt, he shares his insightful experiences.”

“He is slowly working his way to make me independent. It is so different from the rest though.”

“You know, some of my friends (especially the girls) have their futures decided by parents and family. But thankfully, I could never relate to that.”

“Just see… So much going on in the late teens and even when he lives in another city right now, he is there for me!”

“He still knows what I want before I do.”

“He is away from family; working hard for all of us, but he never mentions it in any of the phone calls.”

“He always jokes around, tells me about the scrumptious meals he had for dinner (since I love food a lot), and everything else but stories about his own hard efforts.”

“I never addressed his long work hours, successful meetings and his career but he congratulates me, even for making an edible salad.”

“Thank you Papa for bearing with the mood swings of a teenage daughter. Thank you for loving me as your daughter and not as ‘not a son’. Thank you for teaching me some valuable lessons of life and providing me the platform to make my own decisions. Thank you for your endless efforts to give me the world I have now. Yes mum’s presence during these years was crucial but it all just wouldn’t have been the same without you, my Papa!”

Some more years later;

“Papa, when are you sending money into my account? I want it immediately. I am waiting!”

Few moments later, “Thank you Papa! Okay, watching a movie!”

 “Its Diwali tomorrow and I couldn’t get the confirmed seats on the train, Papa.”

A few minutes later, “Start Packing, your flight leaves in a few hours”

A few seconds later the realization hits that the flight ticket is super expensive to which my Papa has only two lines to say “I want you here. If you wanted a private jet, I would have arranged that as well”.

“And I believe him. In spite of the fact that the jet is way too farfetched, my Papa has magical powers and I wouldn’t be surprised if he presents me with the stars one day!!”

“With so much going on in a new city with new people, there is little time or will to introspect. I am so consumed in myself and my future that I cannot even sit and chat with him about his wishes for his future.”

“Yes, My success will make him happy. My happiness will make him happy. But the things that I talk about regarding the future are all about my foreign education, my travelling goals, my lifestyle dreams.”

“I somehow never asked him about his dreams for the future; what places he wants to travel, what kind of retired lifestyle does he foresee, what is the one thing that he could never buy or do, what thoughts does he have for me regarding my future… ”

“Not that I wasn’t open to talking about these before…But the conversations that we have had till now were somehow always dominated by my life and my well being.”

“I do feel in my early twenties now, that it is time we begin our conversation about his wishes.”

“He has smiled and kept his pain away from me for so long. It is time he starts to share and express even the gloomiest of all. And when he does so, I will make sure the smile stays on.”

“Thank you Papa for all the sacrifices you made for me. Thank you for literally serving the world as my oyster. Thank you for being there with me all this time. I stumbled a little in these years, but your presence in my life surely got me back on the right track. Thank you for always trusting me, Papa.”

Few more years pass by and today arrives;

“So here I am with some education and experience of my own! Hmm… Doesn’t make me smart enough to understand that how the hell did he learn to be such an amazing father!”

“No seriously, in future if I want my husband to become a father as brilliant as my Papa is, what should I tell the husband?”

“Is there like an Ashram or something that he needs to visit when I am with a child, or does he need to follow some Ayurvedic diet regime, or should he use some hypnotic tapes… He should let me know as I feel, my future child or any child for that matter, should have a father only if he is like my Papa!”

“I see myself as a secure, confident, content and happy individual because he is my father and I want the same for everyone who lands up on this earth! So Papa really needs to share his magic secret”

And some moments later; 

“After going through the various stages of life; now in my mid twenties, I can pretty much be called as an adult, I guess!”

“Although, there are miles to go on before I settle down personally and professionally; I think I am already realizing the efforts that are required to survive, especially when one has a family to take care of.”

All of this makes me want to convey to Papa that;

“Let me just take this opportunity to congratulate you for heading the family so beautifully, in all the good and tough times! And thank you for that, it is teaching me to become a strong and committed person.”

“I congratulate you for having a successful career in a field you are so passionate about. Thank you for that, it is teaching me perseverance and to have a zeal in life….”

“So many achievements that we may need to have a whole other ceremony to applaud all!!”

“So for now, for all of them, A big hearty Congrats!!”

“And A bigger Thank You!!”

And I will go on to tell you that

“As the years go by, I believe the thoughts have and would circle around the fact that I have an amazing father.  No letters, gifts or world tours would ever be enough to express my gratitude towards you. But still, I want you to wish, dream and express what you want for your own future. And it is not just about me working hard to make all your wishes come true, but it is more about the happiness that I will get with your smiles when your wishes are fulfilled. It isn’t too late now, start wishing and get your bucket list ready!”

 “So this Father’s Day; I present my thoughts to you with the biggest hug in the world to tell you that I love you, I am thankful to you, I will aspire to provide you with a life that perhaps you missed out on, while raising me; and I will be here for you just like you were there for me, forever!!”

I will sign off with this immutable thought,

“ I don’t know what kind of daughter I am to you but one thing that I am absolutely sure of is, that I love you with all my heart and no matter how many roles I have in the future… Aunty, Wife, Mother and even a Granny…I will always be your Baby Girl and you will always be my Amazing Papa!!”  

“Happy Father’s Day! Love You” 😀

“This father’s day, I am expressing my love towards my dad by participating in the #HugYourDad activity at BlogAdda in association with Vicks.”


17 thoughts on “Thought Blast From the Past!! :D

  1. Loved this one:)
    The beginning is amazingly described. I enjoyed it, totally. This way of expression is so fresh. I am glad , I found this one. Otherwise, could have missed something beautiful♥

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