Freak Funda One: Fat To Fit To Unfit To Fatter To Booooom To Thank God I Am Intelligent

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Lets start with the Freak Funda One! Fat to Fit to Unfit to Fatter to Booooom to Thank God I am Intelligent :O

Fitness isn’t a one day job. It requires a lot of discipline, will power and time management; especially when one is professionally or academically fully occupied. As evident from the plethora New Year blogs on fitness resolutions; becoming fit and maintaining the state is a real scrimmage. Nevertheless, with much awareness on fitness, nutrition and exercise; there are many who follow their strict routines and maintain themselves. But then there is a lot which is dominated by XL sizes, cheese and couch love. Most of us drop in here from time to time and once here, it is a freaking struggle.

The fact is that we do understand the significance of fitness in our lives; yet sometimes the attraction from the other unfit side is just too much to handle. For instance; when a couch and movie is on after a long day of work, it is just too hard to say no and go out for some burpees. It is as if the fit zone is the family home which is right and organized whereas the unfit zone is the hostel which is… well not the same!

So what is it that attracts us to the unfit club? Why is it a struggle to be fit, to eat right and to exercise? What kind of Fundas do we invent in our mind during the Unfit to Booooom stages?




Hypothetically (or not), lets say we are fat and we go to a club. Funda one begins as we get dolled up.

The Funda right now would be that if we are wearing something nice, it would probably mean that one of our body parts is squeezed and crying for help. Consequently now, there would just be a few possible body postures in such a situation. This means that we could either sit or stand. Any change between the two would require a visit to the nearest restroom. Finally, a decision is made to remain seated till the time we hear crickets in the club.

We grab the menu card from the table as this seems to be the easiest action. Now, another Funda develops. We start believing that if we are uncomfortable, we must be looking good; and if we are looking good, we are fitness freaks. With this thought, we look for the healthiest and the most attractive option in the menu. Finally; we order a transparent drink, cross our legs to make the blood sucking stilettos visible and get busy in a conversation.

With time, the peak of summers hits us. Nevertheless, we continue to wear the jacket as otherwise; the bust or tummy may be visible from between the buttons. The sweat drops start rolling down our nose and cheeks but we continue the conversation with our jacket on till the point we are red and soaked. At this stage; our feet has committed suicide, our body has been suffocated and our face is crying. So one can imagine, the sight is anything but beautiful.


PSSH Time Out-28



At this point, a suggestion to dance is straightaway rejected as we need to assure the freedom of at least one body part i.e. the hand region. Our hands need to be living if we have to reach home. As we worry about the health of our hands, a big bowl of vanilla ice cream on a hot plate of nutty chocolate brownie arrives on the table. As if this wasn’t enough, the waiter with the devil horns blissfully pours some taboolicious hot chocolate sauce on the virgin-like-white ice-cream.

The truth surrounds us. We know if we chomp this, the button would probably pop out from the jacket. So, we have just two choices. We could either eat and pop or we could avoid and continue with the conversation in utter discomfort!!! As we see the sauce melting into the ice cream, we rationalize our new Funda that at least if we eat and pop, one body part would be released from the chains of death. But if we shun this yummy pleasure, we may have more time socializing and lesser time in the restroom! And then as the ice cream starts melting on the brownie, it is a sudden action over decision. Alas, chocolate wins over everything else. As we lick the last spoonful, we do pop but we are in chocolate heaven. To hell with the rest! To hell with fitness!

Doesn’t take much time for the night to end and the next day to begin!  The day when we hit our head on the merciless weighing machine! The day when we realize the Fat stage which started a while ago has now arrived at the Fatter Stage!




Once here, hormonal imbalance along with an over active brain forces our routine to aim for a Super Fit Stage. This is the stage when we learn too much for our body to process. If we hear a Yoga guru about the benefits of doing 25 Surya Namaskars in a day, we would probably be doing 50. If we hear Zumba is better than Yoga, the 50 would become 0 and Zumba will happen twice a day. From 2 Rotis, we come to a sad Tomato! Our YouTube recommendations switch to workout videos, Memo pad fills up with diet charts and weight records!! Our profession switches to weight loss, entertainment switches to weight loss, family time switches to weight loss and our education switches to weight loss!





We do lose kilos and bask in the fitter glory… but these Fundas live for a very short period till the time we switch Zumba to a walk in the Mall, Potato replaces Tomato and Diet Charts gets dumped in the Archives folder. The Gym Pajamas which were loose before will now become the reason for public wedgies as soon as we get off that damn exercise bike! This drastic switch in our routine gets us to the Unfit Stage very quickly. This Unfit stage is perhaps the most vulnerable one as it leads us to the Fatter and Booooooooom its me Stage!!




It is when the ‘O’ shaped clothes return to the closet; couch love is at its peak and online shopping feels the best way to buy anything. Kitchen becomes the favorite hangout and going out is the same as going for a space walk… both require a lot of clothing, a lot of preparation and a lot of courage! Having experienced the death trap in the club at the Fat stage, going clubbing at the Booooom stage would certainly make us a ghost!

This stage is actually the time when people get a long term membership in the Plump Club! The club members have some fabulous Fundas like ‘We aren’t flabby and careless but cute and carefree’; ‘Delay will postpone the relay and give you time to choose another way’; ‘Variety dominates over consistency’ and the club motto is bravely worn by all which infers ‘We are comfortable in our skin’.  The Boooom stage makes us value our own intelligence more than appearance. We believe our brains have more important agendas in life than carving our bodies. Procrastination and denial are our attitude buddies whereas action and commitment are our forgotten forefathers. Exercise would seem like an unrealistic dream and our daily grocery bags would always be filled with Ready to Eat, All Things Sweet and Fatty Meat!! Although supremely unhealthy and undesired, this stage is loved at least in the beginning. This is because as per the Booom Funda, we are already unfit so we believe a few more days in the Plump Club would give us another time to introspect. And then every day, we have a Tomorrow!




So it is pretty easy to decode that the attraction to the unfit club is because it is a tolerant and lenient zone. It doesn’t thrive on rational thinking, rules or any kind of commitment. It is perhaps the girlfriend that wants us all the time and is still allergic to ‘the ring’! It is just about going with the flow and accepting us for whatever size, shape or fitness levels we are.

Well this should be the Funda for all of us. Accepting us for who we are is what we all need to stay happy. But if we are maintaining a body that restricts our choices and hampers our health, that isn’t accepting but ignoring ourselves! We can be 45 kilos or 90 kilos, all we need is awareness about the body and weight that makes us feel fit! (That’s all with the Preach Funda!!)




So we may be fit…unfit…fat…fatter…boom…or plain intelligent but we never really let go of our ability to present justifications; our ability to present our Freak Fundas! Can the readers remember any Freak Funda from their fitness struggles… do drop the fun ones in the comment section.

Until then; on behalf of all the fellow fitness strugglers, let our Funda be out in the universe that currently we are trying our best to feel fit! (However, please don’t come to check on us!)

Cheers 😀



Welcoming 2016 with Some Freak On

So this blog seems to be on a vacation for a while now. After a busy five month period, there is finally some time and will to write just for us… A decision is made and as we bid goodbye to 2015, the blog is going to make up for the lost five months with similar posts in future…




Now, what should be the feel this time… fun, grim, sarcastic, bookish or weird?

Well this is the start of a new beginning for all of us…! Let’s stick on to the fun feel and try to have a jolly good January 2016. After all, we deserve it after a hard working 2015…don’t we? And hopefully a fun start will foster a fun year ahead!!

The posts would revolve around situations where perhaps some (or rather majority) of us are critically positioned at some point in our lives. Some of these situations come and go… but the strong assumption is that the readers have either gone through a similar phase or are currently paddling the same boat as some of us in these five situations!

As we pass through our different but common life phases, we often create our own Fundas in life which are either excuses or reasons for those situations. For instance, Teenagers may have their Fundas on Popping Bunny Shirts, Best Boy-Just Friend and a Zero in Mathematics or the ‘White Hair Club’ may have their Fundas on six am Ramdev and Nicki Minaj’s Anaconda. Similarly, just like any other age group; mid-late twenties have their own share of common situations where our Freak Fundas could sometimes emerge as absolute nonsense and hilarious.

Now what are these phases…what are these Freak Fundas… ?

 If anyone gets a clue, do pop in with your guesses in the comment section!

But until then, the blog promises to meet soon with the Freak Fundas with a hope for the posts to be a fun read for everyone!

Hope the new year is buzzing with fresh energies and optimism for all! Have a great 2016 and don’t hide that smile when you leave yourself with the Fundas below! Cheers 😀













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‘Learning Disabilities’, A Book by Aradhana Tewari and Rajshree Tewari Now Available Online

Among the few academic books in the world penned jointly by a Mother and her Daughter

With the birth of every child, enfolds a new dream..! But ours is not a utopian world and not every dream has a smooth ride.
Some children struggle with the demands of the early school. They not only lag behind the majority of their class but also find learning much more difficult than others… Surprisingly intelligence tests often credit them with normal or even above normal intelligence.
Then where is the lacuna?

Well…. With our maiden venture, We have sincerely attempted to clear the clouding doubts regarding learning disabilities.

We hope the book strengthens the belief among all the stakeholders that children with learning disability can also dare to dream!
We also pray that this book will help some child somewhere to realize the same!!

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Thought Blast From the Past!! :D

Let’s relive the past twenty five years Papa; through a short recap of my thoughts!! 😀

Yawning away to glory; slowly the eyes open! I stretch the brand new hands, legs and contemplate the first thoughts ever;

“Hmm… so this is it. I have been planted here by the Almighty.”

“Not bad! But it’s getting a little boring.  If only there was a television, toys and a mall around here, it wouldn’t have been so difficult to pass time.”

“No social networking medium to post my selfies and catch up with fellow fetuses… Hmm! I think it’s time for me to move out. I am too old now….”

And the push begins… slowly the head comes out!

“Woaah… What is this world?”

“Oh my! This is overwhelming. I think I want to reconsider the moving out thing.”

“Hello anyone, can you please send me back inside?”

“Hello! Hello…Oh nobody understands my language. Hello! Hello… What the Baby!!”

“Okay now, here comes the cranky tears!”

After a few minutes;

“Why have they covered me with a towel? Don’t you have a blue frock or something?”

“And who is this man standing next to me smiling away without a break. What is he so happy about?”

“Is he Mom?”

“Not sure! But he is the first person to console me and he is holding me so nicely…I think I am falling asleep!”

“I am so comfortable… I am slowly feeling at home…!”

“Let me just look at him again… He is still smiling…! ”

“So he is either a model for the toothpaste commercial, or wait, he may just be my Dad!!”

“Hmmm… so sleepy… so secure…”

“Yes, he is my Dad, my Papa!! Hmm… Yawn Yawn!!”

“You are my Papa… Thank you for welcoming me in this scary world.”

“Thank you for telling me through your silent smiles that everything is okay and there is nothing to worry about.” “Okay, so I am sleepy again. Yawn! Yawn!”

A few months later;

“Too much of prattling, I must say! There is constant Ole le le le, Ale le le, Pyaaru, Chintu, Pintu, and so much else going around here!”

“But, why am I enjoying this?”

“I cannot let go of my smile and sometimes I just break out laughing on inane things for instance; just the other day, my Papa picked me up on his shoulders and started dancing. This could be so kiddish to others, but not for me. At first I was so worried that I would fall especially when my mummy brought a camera in front of me but slowly I realized, I was laughing and enjoying.”

“Yeah, it was so much fun.”

“My Papa has also given me a teddy bear and some other toys but they are most fun with Papa around. He makes everything so much fun.”

“I am loving this new world where I don’t have to worry about my food, hygiene and especially, entertainment.”

“Thank  you Papa for introducing comfort, security and enjoyment in my life. I couldn’t have been more carefree and loved if you weren’t around.”

Few more years pass by;

“Mummy is preparing my Tiffin box. Who will make my ‘choti’ (plait) now?”

“Oh look, Papa is already ready with the comb and oil.”

“Yeah… my hair is done. It looks great.”

“He definitely has become my exclusive morning hairdresser for a few years now.”

“He is also watching ‘Courage the Cowardly Dog’ with me… and ‘Popeye’ too.”

“Okay so I am ready now and look; I have perfectly polished shoes… all ready to go to school!”

“He comes so late in the night after work. Still he wakes up early, voluntarily, to do all the nanny jobs for me. That too, with a smile! How does he manage that, everyday?”

“How is he able to take care of me in spite of a hectic work schedule and how is he always there whenever I need him?”

“He surely is a Superman Papa… Superpapa, perhaps trained in fatherhood (I am guessing a PhD in Fatherhood or something!)”

“Thank You Papa for being there with me and taking such wonderful care of me. Thank you for smiling and laughing with me in spite of hectic lives at the office and otherwise.”

After a few more years and much more kilos on me;

“I have been going out so much. My Papa takes me out for drives, ice-creams, dinners and vacations.”

“I am exploring so many new places and people. However, I am still not exposed to the darker side of the world.” “My Papa protects me from all the ill, gloom and negativity.”

“He leads the family and stands up strong when faced with an issue; so much so, that I don’t even realize the presence of it.”

“I move freely while he secretly fights all the odds.”

“How strong, fearless and loving one has to be to adopt this role of a timeless protector!”

“He is not even armed. He is just brave… very brave!”

“Thank you Papa for protecting me from all the bad in the world. Thank you for showing me the good in the world. ”

A few more years and a swift increase in height later;

“In spite of loving parents, being the only daughter can be a bit boring especially when my friends go on and on about how their siblings trouble them, how they play with each other and also how they hate each other.”

“May be I am missing something!”

“I see my Papa noticing and smiling.”

“I am aware that he knows what I want more than I do.”

A few days later; one day, I open the door;

“Oh my god! Look who has joined the family… my german shepherd, Radha!”

“Awee… it is so cute! I love her!”

“Again, I cannot stop myself from smiling. ”

“What was I ever missing before, fail to remember! I am so happy.”

“Look at my Papa, he is so happy to see me happy.”

“He really addresses my every feeling… happy, sad and confused.”

“He makes everything bright and positive.”

“Thank you Papa for noticing my every chuckle and frown. Thank you for understanding the unsaid and giving me a childhood so happy that I can relive it all over again!”

Few more years later with a serious change in shape and psyche;

“So the hair is mostly left open now…! The visits to the beauty salon have increased…!”

“Peers have expressed their presence and so have the books…!”

“Irrational desire to grow up is getting stronger by the day. Defiance as well as idealism dominates. Ironically I do not want to be considered as a child now…but this hasn’t fazed my Papa, ever.”

“He never points out my erratic behavior, my mistakes (the Mum is the in charge here!!) but he teaches me to grow through his own unique way.”

“He is slowly enlightening me with his worldly wisdom which is helping me to evolve and mature. He is making sure that I have my freedom and that I also understand how to use it correctly.”

“However, all the learning is being done in the comfort of my house where I don’t have to worry about my air conditioning needs, my fancy dinners, my clothes, fees, classes… and so much more.”

“It is easy being idealistic when you are away from the realistic, isn’t it!”

And the teenage goes on; 

“Shall I become a Doctor? Teacher? Performer? Researcher?… ”

“Shall I sit for a competitive exam?”

“Shall I pursue education abroad? Or shall I pursue my education in India but in a different city?”

“How lucky I am to make all these decisions by myself. It can be a bit daunting at times but I am glad my Papa is there to guide me.”

“Somehow; even when the future is bleak to me now, he believes in me.”

“And I don’t see myself growing up as Aryabhatta or Ambani, but he still manages to see a bright future for me full of successes and happiness.”

“He has given me the freedom to make my own decisions. But when in a doubt, he shares his insightful experiences.”

“He is slowly working his way to make me independent. It is so different from the rest though.”

“You know, some of my friends (especially the girls) have their futures decided by parents and family. But thankfully, I could never relate to that.”

“Just see… So much going on in the late teens and even when he lives in another city right now, he is there for me!”

“He still knows what I want before I do.”

“He is away from family; working hard for all of us, but he never mentions it in any of the phone calls.”

“He always jokes around, tells me about the scrumptious meals he had for dinner (since I love food a lot), and everything else but stories about his own hard efforts.”

“I never addressed his long work hours, successful meetings and his career but he congratulates me, even for making an edible salad.”

“Thank you Papa for bearing with the mood swings of a teenage daughter. Thank you for loving me as your daughter and not as ‘not a son’. Thank you for teaching me some valuable lessons of life and providing me the platform to make my own decisions. Thank you for your endless efforts to give me the world I have now. Yes mum’s presence during these years was crucial but it all just wouldn’t have been the same without you, my Papa!”

Some more years later;

“Papa, when are you sending money into my account? I want it immediately. I am waiting!”

Few moments later, “Thank you Papa! Okay, watching a movie!”

 “Its Diwali tomorrow and I couldn’t get the confirmed seats on the train, Papa.”

A few minutes later, “Start Packing, your flight leaves in a few hours”

A few seconds later the realization hits that the flight ticket is super expensive to which my Papa has only two lines to say “I want you here. If you wanted a private jet, I would have arranged that as well”.

“And I believe him. In spite of the fact that the jet is way too farfetched, my Papa has magical powers and I wouldn’t be surprised if he presents me with the stars one day!!”

“With so much going on in a new city with new people, there is little time or will to introspect. I am so consumed in myself and my future that I cannot even sit and chat with him about his wishes for his future.”

“Yes, My success will make him happy. My happiness will make him happy. But the things that I talk about regarding the future are all about my foreign education, my travelling goals, my lifestyle dreams.”

“I somehow never asked him about his dreams for the future; what places he wants to travel, what kind of retired lifestyle does he foresee, what is the one thing that he could never buy or do, what thoughts does he have for me regarding my future… ”

“Not that I wasn’t open to talking about these before…But the conversations that we have had till now were somehow always dominated by my life and my well being.”

“I do feel in my early twenties now, that it is time we begin our conversation about his wishes.”

“He has smiled and kept his pain away from me for so long. It is time he starts to share and express even the gloomiest of all. And when he does so, I will make sure the smile stays on.”

“Thank you Papa for all the sacrifices you made for me. Thank you for literally serving the world as my oyster. Thank you for being there with me all this time. I stumbled a little in these years, but your presence in my life surely got me back on the right track. Thank you for always trusting me, Papa.”

Few more years pass by and today arrives;

“So here I am with some education and experience of my own! Hmm… Doesn’t make me smart enough to understand that how the hell did he learn to be such an amazing father!”

“No seriously, in future if I want my husband to become a father as brilliant as my Papa is, what should I tell the husband?”

“Is there like an Ashram or something that he needs to visit when I am with a child, or does he need to follow some Ayurvedic diet regime, or should he use some hypnotic tapes… He should let me know as I feel, my future child or any child for that matter, should have a father only if he is like my Papa!”

“I see myself as a secure, confident, content and happy individual because he is my father and I want the same for everyone who lands up on this earth! So Papa really needs to share his magic secret”

And some moments later; 

“After going through the various stages of life; now in my mid twenties, I can pretty much be called as an adult, I guess!”

“Although, there are miles to go on before I settle down personally and professionally; I think I am already realizing the efforts that are required to survive, especially when one has a family to take care of.”

All of this makes me want to convey to Papa that;

“Let me just take this opportunity to congratulate you for heading the family so beautifully, in all the good and tough times! And thank you for that, it is teaching me to become a strong and committed person.”

“I congratulate you for having a successful career in a field you are so passionate about. Thank you for that, it is teaching me perseverance and to have a zeal in life….”

“So many achievements that we may need to have a whole other ceremony to applaud all!!”

“So for now, for all of them, A big hearty Congrats!!”

“And A bigger Thank You!!”

And I will go on to tell you that

“As the years go by, I believe the thoughts have and would circle around the fact that I have an amazing father.  No letters, gifts or world tours would ever be enough to express my gratitude towards you. But still, I want you to wish, dream and express what you want for your own future. And it is not just about me working hard to make all your wishes come true, but it is more about the happiness that I will get with your smiles when your wishes are fulfilled. It isn’t too late now, start wishing and get your bucket list ready!”

 “So this Father’s Day; I present my thoughts to you with the biggest hug in the world to tell you that I love you, I am thankful to you, I will aspire to provide you with a life that perhaps you missed out on, while raising me; and I will be here for you just like you were there for me, forever!!”

I will sign off with this immutable thought,

“ I don’t know what kind of daughter I am to you but one thing that I am absolutely sure of is, that I love you with all my heart and no matter how many roles I have in the future… Aunty, Wife, Mother and even a Granny…I will always be your Baby Girl and you will always be my Amazing Papa!!”  

“Happy Father’s Day! Love You” 😀

“This father’s day, I am expressing my love towards my dad by participating in the #HugYourDad activity at BlogAdda in association with Vicks.”


Well, it is true. If you get a great deal, wouldn’t you be smiling with joy! Wouldn’t you be having a moment of ‘Luft-hansa’!

But what is this great deal about?

Well, it will be so easy for Indians to relate to the great deal and the ‘Luft-hansa’ that this post talks about, once I write the magic words…!! So here you go…..

{{{{{{{{ PAISA VASOOL }}}}}}}}.

Defining ‘Paisa Vasool’ can be a bit tricky for the rest in the world since the quality is so deeply rooted in Indian sentiments that understanding it from just one example would be a mammoth task. Then why deconstruct one example when we can share some extremely common and hilarious ones to comprehend the ‘Luft-hansa’ we get from a ‘Paisa Vasool’ moment!!

And it so may happen that after reading this, you probably may want to get your own ‘Luft-hansa’. If this happens then today may be your lucky day as the post ends with some quick tips to start the ‘Paisa Vasool’ Beginner Training!!!! Isn’t this great? (“Yeah, right!”)

Before the examples make you go LOL (“Laughter Of Luft-hansa”), it is perhaps necessary to understand that ‘Paisa Vasool’ doesn’t necessarily mean Miserly or Stingy, or it isn’t just a middle class man’s ideology. It is in fact, an Indian trait that encourages us to achieve more from little. But this is so regular for us; that sometimes, we become too modest to notice it.

It’s like having a ‘Paisa Vasool’ gene in our system that we absolutely cannot do without.

Indians may not need it; but the gene is active throughout.

(” Noticed the unintentional rhyme… No? … Okay!”).

So the whole ‘Paisa Vasool’ attribute is like any other trait which are exclusive to natives and perhaps develop when we grow up with other natives of the same country. Now, every country has its own unique attributes. For instance; British may be known for their humor, Americans for their individualism, Chinese for their modesty. By the same rule, we, Indians have our own unique qualities. We are adjusting, content, hard workers, full of love and if we go on to the funnier side… we are known for our bargaining, jugaad (“help me with its English terminology!”) and ‘Paisa Vasool’ fixation. If we analyze, they are all set on our constant struggle to optimize more from less…achieving much more from fewer opportunities!!! This Indian attribute aims on living, yes; but also sustaining! Every one of us are effortlessly building a store for future. Okay yes, sometimes we do go overboard with the Paisa Vasool philosophy, but hey! Nothing could be more fun and us than wearing airy holey vests in summer or say squeezing in with five others and one special one in a car or using old clothes as table wipes or not having a ‘how the hell am I going to pay for this’ stress while travelling with fifty guests for a wedding… yes you read it right… At the Lufthansa premium rates that’s possible, check out the link here : Lufthansa Premium Economy

There are countless other examples. Let us begin with the most fun;

1. The Dhaniya Mirchi Saga – An opportunity to buy vegetables is not an opportunity to buy coriander and chillies. These are like the ‘Mandi’ or market air we get for free when we are sniffing and selecting our veggies. Late mornings or early evenings… Every day… In every neighborhood of the country, ladies scramble out in their night gowns to buy vegetables… Notice the ‘Luft-hansa’ from their ‘Paisa Vasool’ Dance when they get their free coriander and chillies.

2. The Bored Teeth: There are some days in a month when the Indian teeth look so bored and moody that they force us to go to the market to get new teeth products… just so they are cheered up.  This usually happens when the teeth see us folding a toothpaste tube up to the thumb length or when they know they will be cleaned with a toothbrush that has a clear footpath between the sloping bristles.  The teeth literally shout out to let go of the ‘Paisa Vasool’ addiction which is when we buy a new toothpaste or a new tooth brush; just to charge them up. And when buying, our eyes are usually set on the paste that has a free brush or that has a 20% extra paste or 10 rupees off or our all time favorite ‘Buy one get one free’ sticker on it.

3. Too Loved to Ever be Replaced: For expensive purchases, our abilities to make every penny worth are much more visible. Most of us in our Indian houses may have come across tables with three intact wooden legs and the fourth leg with a cardboard foot, or old oven that turns into a cabinet for rarely used or perhaps even unknown things, the struggling television remote with cello tape around the battery area and so on.  It gets really difficult to say goodbye to these items. For years, we stick to the option of ‘fixing these temporarily’. And all the times during those years; when the items are temporarily re-fixed, we feel pride in the fact that the purchase is still going strong and this gives us our ‘Paisa Vasool Luft-hansa’.

4. The Vessel Reruns: Of all the things that we can think of buying, kitchen vessels can be understood as the most ‘Paisa Vasool’ purchase. It doesn’t break, can be reused for years and that too for a variety of things. Be it the ‘Jam Jars’ that turn into ‘Spice Jars’, ‘Cooking Vessels’ that are renamed as ‘Fruit Baskets’, ‘Water Bottles that become ‘Oil Bottles’, ‘Broken Cups’ that are created into ‘Pencil Stands’, etc. So you see, we have been practicing the art of ‘Recycle and Reuse’ since a very long time. The difference is just that we refer to the policy as the ‘Paisa Vasool’ technique in India.

5. The Food Connection:  This is where the ‘Paisa Vasool’ trait enables us to bond and create memories. One packet of noodles would be a complete ‘Paisa Vasool’ purchase if it is shared with our roommates, friends and partners. In such a case; the talks, laughter and life long memories are way more valuable than the quantity. Buying an expensive chocolate to dissolve a fight or buying rice which is burnt in the first cooking trial…. all such purchases give us way more ‘Luft-hansa’ than the rest of the ‘Paisa Vasool’ experiences.

6. We Love Waste: What is waste? Something is waste only if it comes out of the body, has a smell or has fungus growing on it. Otherwise, it is not waste. It is just taking a rebirth to become something else. Just like the reuse and recycle policy for our vessels, we have the abilities to make every non living object ‘Paisa Vasool’ by juicing out various uses from it. It can be the orange peels which are dried and used for face mask, left over ‘dal’ which is stuffed into breakfast ‘paranthas’, old eye pencils which are used to cover grey hair, pencil shavings to create art, old ‘sarees’ stitched as suits, old bed sheets used as table covers, chocolate boxes converted into jewellery box…..and the list is endless! So in a way, we see waste as potential raw material. And the moment we see it, the waste provides us with our ‘Paisa Vasool Luft-hansa’.

So whether it is Subramanyam Swami, Shaheen Khan, Shantanu Bose, Dev Patel, Pinky Singh, Jenny D’souza, Sachin Khede, Chung Cha, Mathurs, Iyers, Chaddhas, Chakrabortys, Bottlewalas, Bijlanis, Jains, Joshis, Guptas and Sharmas… Or whoever you may come across in this country, this post gives you a guarantee that you will find all of them with their own ‘Paisa Vasool’ memories…. And they all would be close to heart, real and full of joy…no matter how fancy their living is. Of the plethora qualities that binds us Indians; this ability to fully extract pleasures from every situation, every purchase, every state certainly defines the people we are… happy, intelligent and positive!

Not an Indian or perhaps just missed out on the ‘Paisa Vasool’ opportunities?

Well then fear not! Some quick steps can surely certify you as a beginner and you can progress from there!

Enjoy Torn Shirts/ Vests/ Socks

Do not throw. Wear it till it covers at least the essential 47% of the body. However, refrain yourself from going out in these as chances of people throwing garbage at you will increase with increase in exposed areas of body. Don’t wear these when you have guests over, especially if you have chests like the 90’s Akshay Kumar or Anil Kapoor. Chances of decreasing eye contact and increasing physical distance may be present with the increase in exposed areas of body. However if the clothes surpass the 47% mark, it is the time to… Not throw but to appoint it as the new ‘clean-master’ for your floors and furniture. Use it… Wash it… Reuse it… Continue this till you have a horizontal piece of cloth with loose threads.

Play with the Torn Purses

Say hello to the everyday games of ‘Where did my thing go?’ Just put your hand in the purse, into the torn corner, ramble your fingers inside to find the pennies, lipstick and receipts…that’s it…! Isn’t the game easy? So now every time when you are in a hurry and you need something, this game will surely give you that extra kick of vigor.

Every Store has Your Free Stuff

Memorize the fact. Be shameless to look for the sales, discounts and assured free gifts. It can be anything from buying a three+1 free soap pack, free ‘nada’ or thread with petticoat, extra onions in a restaurant, free accessories with a car… basically anywhere where you can spend your money. It is almost like an unsaid birth right to wheedle out the optimum benefits from a purchase.

Raid Your House Waste

As mentioned before, foresee the waste as promising resources. Simple steps like using old toothbrushes for glass cleaning, shoe cases for jewellery boxes, old newspapers for covering notebooks etc. will give you a little insight into the whole ‘Paisa Vasool’ matter. Forget modern art, this is where you need to focus your creativity on.

Travellers Extraction

Our wishes and hopes increase with increase in expenditure. Travelling and holidaying brings along with it a series of expenses like travel costs, hotel costs, food costs, visa costs, shopping expenses and the likes. Even after planning a budget, we have a tendency to go overboard at most times. And when its international travel, we crave for free services like, budget flights, lowest prices at the Duty Free markets, good accommodation, good meals etc. Many times the struggle is real; especially when optimizing from a budget hotel or airline.  We often focus more on the hotel accommodation for the holiday and compromise with the choice of airline. But the compromise surely kicks back during the long hours of travel when the seats are uncomfortable; legs are squashed, food stinks and the overall service is bad. Imagine this on a work trip!! This is the time when we realize that the ‘Paisa Vasool’ ability has also gone away for a holiday. To avoid all of this, our ‘Paisa Vasool’ travel extraction can be made possible only when you pay a budget cost and you receive a flying experience so surreal that you feel like a holiday in the flight itself. But is that possible? Well yes… We can experience the ‘Paisa Vasool Luft-hansa’ when we fly in Lufthansa. It surely gives us a complete value for money experience and the assurance that at least when we are flying, our ‘Paisa Vasool’ desires are taken care of. For instance, when you fly #LufthansaPremiumEconomy ; you will never have to ask the person sitting in front of you to adjust his seat or feel the kicks and bumps from the person seated behind you as you get your own space to rest all your body parts. Or if you have a presentation deadline and you need to finish the last slides, you will not have to worry about the falling files and slanting laptops as you will have your own personal foldable table to work on. Besides catering to our most prominent needs for more space, quality food, entertainment and overall comfort; what sets it apart from the rest is its vision to provide an experience worth every buck. It takes care of the hard money we spend on them. And when we are treated with care, we feel content… we fly high on ‘Paisa Vasool Lufthansa’.

So the above steps will surely give you a head start to build and enhance your ‘Paisa Vasool’ abilities but remember this is just Part 1 of the training… If you believe you have some expert lessons with you, do share in the comments section below and make this post a ‘Paisa Vasool’ offer for all readers!!!


I am writing for the #ShareTheLoad activity at in association withAriel.

A one year old baby girl dancing to the tunes of Kumar Sanu, while father records the talent show just to let the working mother know that her little one is doing fine and she shouldn’t worry for the household to go into a frenzy mode when she isn’t around… mother returns to a clean home and is greeted with warm smiles, hot food and little dancing diva on the television…

Now, isn’t the scenario symbolizing love, understanding and happiness! Well, let it be out now that this is a real life example of my life. And no, I am not the mother but the dancing baby who is now twenty five and so proud of her working parents who continue to unintentionally set a wonderful example for ‘Sharing the Load’….since 1990!! And trust me; the load has been physically, emotionally and financially demanding at times. But by sharing the lousiest as well as the easiest of loads, both the man and woman have strengthened the understanding and love for each other…!! (Well… verbally confronting such feelings to people may be a task for my parents as they are a shy breed… but try to find the cute factor when the two can’t talk romance!!)

So what is sharing the load??… Sharing responsibilities among men and women in a household isn’t a new age fad that requires a diploma to comprehend but it is more about nurturing the love and respect among members of a home.

It isn’t about set division of duties that makes a house operate but it is more about involving oneself to a relationship that builds and functions a home.

Furthermore, following the orthodox societal norms of fixating the women as homemakers and men as bread earners isn’t ‘sharing the load’ either but it is about voluntarily choosing to adopt roles in a household by mutually understanding and acknowledging the needs of one another….!!

For some, the concept of sharing responsibilities in a household may seem directed towards a middle income family or a home with working couple or say a home with no household helper (what many may refer to as maids, bai, bhaiya, dada, mama or maushii). But even in the most luxurious of lifestyles, sharing the load has its place since it is not only about finishing materialistic tasks like doing laundry or dusting the furniture but it is about strengthening relationships where the man and woman involve themselves in making household decisions and more importantly… committing time and contributing to such matters.

Now, some may have certain objections, excuses or scientific theories to disapprove the importance of ‘sharing the load’! Let this post list out some common instances;

‘My wife enjoys taking care of the house independently. She doesn’t like my interference. So I don’t participate in the chores and allow her to become independent. Aren’t I a supportive partner?’

Some may argue along similar lines that one is considered strong when he/ she works as an independent homemaker. But in the matters of family and its home, working independently and working alone do not necessarily mean the same every time. On one hand, where independent action can result in boosting the confidence and self esteem levels whereas on the other; working alone can be stressful, exhausting and depressing especially when there is no one to rely on even when there are other members in the household. It is only when everyone works together that the common goals and happiness can be realized. So even if one believes the other to enjoy ‘independent functioning’; correct yourself and ‘Share The Load’ by attendance… assistance… appreciation!

Let’s move on to a popular one now.

‘I just don’t know how to do all these chores. Women are anyway better in all the household worship. So I get the money to run everything while she takes care of the house and family.’

Many may assert that women are better when it comes to cooking, cleaning and caring… or that men do not have the innate ability to perform such tasks and they are much better in spurting money. Or some may even proclaim that women are best at being the emotional anchors whereas men are best as sturdy support systems. Well, these cannot be fully ignored as the society is built in such a way that both men and women have grown up to endorse such mindsets. Not going much into the social history; even if there is any truth to these statements, is it logical to pile on the load of household roles to a particular sex. Absolutely not! Just as women are encouraged to involve themselves in paid employment; men should be prompted to engage themselves in the chores… and that too since a young age. There isn’t anything feminine or disrespectful in utilizing the free time to maintain your own home. If anything, it is being responsible for your belongings and relationships. Now, this is logical. After all, the resume attributes of ‘having a drive to learn, enjoy new experiences, enthusiastic, team worker’ doesn’t go away when one is at home… do they?

And finally let’s head to the most typical excuse.

‘I don’t have the time for all this. And I just want to relax on the weekends.’

A popularly known thought ‘It’s all in the mind’ should serve as an apt reply to such statements. It is all about how one pictures household chores to be. It can be enjoyable if it is done with your partner, kids and family. Now, how can one make chores enjoyable? What does one get in the end? … Perhaps the examples below give you an insight!

  • Put Up Your Own Song On The Player Which Goes Something Like

    ‘With your Wipes… and your Broom… Burn the Calories… and get your Tidy Room!! Woop Woop !’ 

    (Wake Up The Artist In Yourself…..and Come Up With Better Lyrics Of Course!)

    Wouldn’t it be amazing to multitask the chores and exercise; which as a result gives you a fab body, amazing flexibility and a spotless house?… It surely would, right! So the next time, when you have some flab on you and filth on the home floors, forget the gym and running shoes…Switch on your mopping song, wipe, clean, sway, make this chore your workout and enjoy like never before…!!

  • Clean Clothes, Ariel Matic Fragrance, Him and Her… It’s The Time To Romance!!

    ‘Laundry Time Darling! Plenty Time To Catch Up…!’

    In today’s fast paced and busy world, there is little time to talk love. Well; if the time issues are for you too, don’t just sit up and ponder! Create situations for yourself. #ShareTheLoad by sharing the laundry time with your partner… This may be the cleanest and freshest atmosphere you have ever hoped for!

  • The Dish Time… My Family Time!!

‘Our family enjoys the dish time as we do it together. Daughter lays the dishes, I cut the vegetables to go in those dishes, the wife cooks and serves in it while the son cleans them up. This is our family time or what we call …the dish time!’ 

So what if one doesn’t understand cooking or cutting vegetables. One can #ShareTheLoad by assisting in chores he/ she is capable of learning and eventually doing.  It isn’t much of a rocket science… after all! By adopting such practices, not only will the family get some quality time but the kids would observe and learn the positives of ‘sharing the load’!

The examples above surely makes the benefits stronger than the negatives (if at all there are any) ….right? And if we really look into the concept… engaging in chores isn’t like another tedious job when you share and do it together… is it?

However; if one person is solely responsible for home chores for all the three hundred and sixty five days of every year, the stress alert will eventually shoot up. We all know that even a machine breaks down after repeated action over time and it needs external support to re-function. However sometimes, only with a slight twist of the screws… the machine starts working.

Similarly; ‘sharing the load’ is basically ‘twisting our screws’ to understand that every member of the household must participate in home chores as per their respective strengths, weaknesses and needs. One cannot just stand up some day to announce all the men of a family to be responsible for cooking in their homes. That may lead to an utter disaster and rampant diarrhea. An example of sharing the load could be when a husband doesn’t know the ABC of cooking but helps the wife in buying vegetables, laying down the table, serving or cleaning. Similarly, if a wife can’t fix the broken television wires, she can help the husband by calling the electrician to fix the same right away.  Discuss and realize who is good with walking the pet, teaching kids, rearranging closet, watering plants, washing clothes, moving furniture, mopping…. and the list is endless! Imagine an endless list of duties thrown on a single member of the household. No wonder, Ariel is making sure that it’s #ShareTheLoad campaigns reach every household!!

So, running a household involves a team work from it’s members, irrespective of sexes. It isn’t a moral right of just the women in all households to be responsible for all home chores. Anyone who calls the house his/ her home is accountable for the same. Once you commit to  #ShareTheLoad; notice the love, respect and trust blooming for you in your partner’s and family’s hearts.

And now, after all the moral talk…just one question… How are you sharing the load in your house…?


So I am following the HOP philosophy these days as I juggle the stress of working on multiple ventures. When I was HOPPING today, I realized that….wait a minute..HOP philosophy?…Don’t you know it?………  Come on !!………   Everybody is going gaga over it these days..

And yes by everybody I mean me and my fictional readers of course..!! ….. Oh, Well since only a few may be unaware, let me just highlight here that HOP is what I figured out in one of my last posts… However I must warn the readers that it may be the most boring, ridiculous and stupidomax read but if you really want to, here is the link.

So if anyone took the better decision to ignore the link; in just one line, HOP is a behavioral technique which fosters the ability to independently reduce the stress levels by activating Hope, Optimism and Positivism within.

Let me now begin the post again by mentioning that I am really high on HOP and preach it wherever possible. But since I assume that I am human, currently I can say that the stress is shooting up and therefore sometimes the transformation from Captain America to The Hulk does happen….can’t deny that…!! But do not worry; as I write, I can say the Hulk is gradually getting calmer.

I have realized, the last few blogs have been very smiling and saintly as if I am a motivational guru wearing a white saree with chandan on my forehead and both my palms in the trademark ‘aashirwaad’ position. So this post, I am going to make you cry, moody, angry and sad!!….

KIDDING…. ! The last sentence needs a few more words…!!! Again, This post, I am going to list down the things that make you cry, moody, angry and sad when you are already stressed….hopefully with a dash of sarcasm!! So here it goes….

Remember the time when you were preoccupied with your own stress and the following happens:


Imagine an exam stress; and the tension of either the preparation or results is so astronomical that one may experience severe mood swings. Then in all that, one is forced or emotionally blackmailed to leave the comfort of their home and pajamas to attend, what the Indians refer to as ‘function me jana hai’ (have to attend a function). And then the meet and greet starts…Now if you are stressed, the only hope of relief could be through a good conversation with say someone close to Salman Khan and sorts but all one gets is Uncle Aunty and the kids. Personally, I am not a fan of small talk but most of the time I just follow the social protocol and carry on with the highly interesting conversations (duh!) which is dominated by such dialogues

What do you do?

Hypocrite answer – I am working as the blah with blah organization.

Non Verbal Real Answer out of stress – Why do you care? We aren’t meeting again.

How is the weather where you come from?

Hypocrite answer – Oh its nice sunny/ cool/ rainy. How is it where you come from?

Non Verbal Real Answer out of stress – The annual weather changes are the same everywhere. Clearly there is nothing better to talk.

We should plan up to meet some time!

Hypocrite Answer– Absolutely can’t wait to see you again.

Non Verbal Real Answer out of stress – Bye!

(I am sure there must be more… share if you have got some!)

Socializing with friends can still be a little better provided you actually care about the people involved… honest eh !! But beware, the mood swings may become hopelessly visible to those who care and to those you care for.


This can be a real Hulk-Converter. When one is already stressed and then a person brushes off his/ her comforting skills on you; but, instead of relieving your tension, you feel like pasting a ‘Do not talk’ sign on his mouth. For example, in such cases, one may have come across these soothing utterances (well!)….

‘Oh no!… what has happened…this is so bad..isn’t?’

( want to question the terrible state of my stress….Of course it’s bad… Why else would I point the gun at you!)

‘What are you saying…Tell me in detail!’

(Yes, now is the best time for a monologue. Board with me on the time machine…lets relive the stressful past together!)

‘How are you feeling?..I know i was so depressed when i had a similar time..I wanted to kill myself.’

(So you are suggesting me to shoot up the levels of depression to the point I commit suicide…. Hmm you should have been a counselor.)

‘I knew this wasn’t the right way. Don’t worry. Try something else. Every dog has its day.’

(Thank you for reminding me that I was wrong and sorry for biting your leg!  woof woof!)


Stress eating is so common. It is scientifically proven by many that food relieves stress but then there are times when the fridge and cabinets have nothing more than milk, dal or biscuits and all you want are some chocolates, pizzas and ice creams!!!! Yes, the waist line is increasing but when has anyone come across a size zero hulk!


Stress drinking is not a secret either. Not much of a drinker myself and like I mentioned earlier, I go hulk in stress…but I am aware of some who belly up in anxiety! However, a drink at every time of stress isn’t always possible…! For example, when you come home late after a hard day and open the bar cabinet, an empty bottle may feel like the end of the world. Even worse; one may start crying, if at that point, somebody offers you a ‘shikanji’ (lemonade), ‘jaljeera’ or the most healthy and preposterous …a glass of milk can be enough to shoot your guilt pangs through the roof. Why is it so difficult for others to comprehend that too much stress requires alcohol to feel all the more unruly, stroppy, nauseous and unpleasant. People eh!!


One has finally the time to relax a bit during stressful times and how does the majority do that?…Watch movies, videos, play games, music….. basically things which are dependent on chargers and batteries..!! However, these poor non living things do not have the power to understand human emotions and thus sometimes, unfortunately, if these do not work, the phones, laptops, remotes..all have to hit the edge of the wall or floor!! This hard-hitting event (pun intended) is followed by the guilt which takes over in just a few seconds and if the event has caused an expensive model to turn into a cheap corpse….Well, then it’s the time to disco with more tears and sadness!! (:D)


The words ‘kilos’, ‘pimples’, ‘hair everywhere but head’, ‘tears and stains’, ‘grey’, ‘chipped nails’ etc become so regular during stressful periods. Looking after self is nowhere a priority but instead everyday becomes a contest to look more horrendous than the day before. And when one is looking like a monster, you really don’t want to meet anyone…especially if it’s a crush!! However, this is the best time to scare those who smother you with their affection and presence. Except always, it so happens that the people you pictured a romantic musical with are the ones at the door when you look like Jabba the Hutt!!

But mostly; during these times, one really hopes to have a ‘Post Stress Makeover Order’. Till that time…Damn you Mirrors!!!


A friend’s birthday, school reunion, concerts, dates or meeting family…. Stress and tension builds up so much that you forget or ignore these important life events. Missing out on these can take the stress levels to another high. This usually can become the breaking point and if one realizes the loss of these life events, take it as a wake up alarm to really introspect and HOP HOP HOP.

Of course later, there may be times when you sit in a group discussing the event you missed. All you would be contributing then would be some of ‘ Ah! I missed it……. Oh okay…..  Really… Oh wow….’ and some more wows and okay..!! Whereas inside you are basically just sulking and cursing everyone.

If one processes all such stressors carefully, it may be possible to realize that the thing which is causing us so much anxiety is within and if we really think back for a minute during the testing times, we can turn the situation around. As the way we think and the way we feel are closely related. If the situation isn’t in our hands…well, the least we can do for ourselves is to switch on our HOP to full power until you have your favorable situation.

It is ultimately us who can metamorphose a situation from bad to slightly better to even better to great. Whining and self pity will take the anxiety nowhere but instead make us unpleasant for everyone around….and more importantly, we like ourselves the most when are happy and content, don’t we!

So, there is nothing wrong in being stressed and anxious…it’s just human and everybody has these phases. But no matter how cliche this may sound now, I strongly believe it eventually does get better… for everyone! Till then, don’t mess up your head…focus on the better things, perhaps practice the 5Hs …or just chill out!!!(yes I know you don’t know the 5 Hs– the link here )

Did I just put on the aashirwad mode again…! Let me know 😀


Link for ‘India’s Daughter’, A BBC Documentary

Tolerance is an art which is exemplified best by barking dogs and the marching elephant. Banning and drifting the focus from realization to accusation is nowhere a tolerant action, but instead an exaggeration of denial, disparage and desultory. Terming Introspection as fashionable for the cocktail circuits and pinpointing the actions from a foreign land are burying women issues under the carpet as well as kicking off our own responsibilities of working towards a progressive nation.

Yes, not the best documentary but serves the purpose of generating a stir within…..Which fosters in realizing that it all boils down to education, women equality and freedom for every being for societal progress. And how  the country is ahead and also behind… The big contrast needs diminishing and everyone has to contribute…AND THIS IS ALL THAT WE HAVE TO TAKE FROM THESE 59 MINUTES..!!

Just pause the thoughts for two minutes and think if scrapping the video is what all of us are actually counting on for a safer nation!!! ..Shouldn’t the reform start with a priority action on the criminals in prison, criminals in uniform and criminals in power by the worthy in power and worthy to mediate!!!!



Yep you read it right..!! HOP for a peaceful you …… well hopefully you didn’t skip this just after reading the title…if someone did; hope he/ she doesn’t end up hopping and jumping everywhere in search of peace ! Though that would have a potential to be a hilarious sight….but moving on !!

So all of us have our shares of stressed and non peaceful moments in our lives! For example, currently I am in the midst of applying to universities for my doctoral education which begets certain tense moments….well …a lot of tense moments. But then I HOP, and it all gets better. I cannot completely deny that the hopping with the literal meaning wasn’t practiced at certain instants and the fact that this hopping with the heavy weight of mine did brought some cracks in the floor; but the HOP has certainly helped a lot in relieving my stress quotients. I believe everyone has the capacity to HOP if they practice it in their routine lives. So, HOP HOP HOP, what is this HOP?

So, the three essentials of HOP are HOPE, OPTIMISM and POSITIVISM. These three have the power to not only help people to achieve peace within themselves, but present a peaceful persona which proffers harmony and happiness to others around.

Let’s start with the H…..In our times of stress, H or the Hope would relieve us from our worries regarding a convinced failure. Whenever one is in a disturbed moment, he/ she should never let go of the hope to Move On and Succeed. If there isn’t any hope for the future; Motivation and Willingness to work around our troubles die. And we certainly don’t want the stress to win over ourselves!! Do we?

One needs to remember that the stress is built by the person himself and he has the supreme power to either use it as something that makes you go… ‘Oh No!!! All Over’.…or use it as… ‘Oh Okay!! What’s Next’   …!! Troubles come with varying intensities. It is ultimately the power within us that can metamorphose any situation in our favour ….and all of this power is built on plain old HOPE!!

Now, how is the O in HOP different? Well, Hope gives one the strength to take a step away from chaos. But one cannot do that without an Optimistic mind.

Imagine the trouble to be; you with an excessively spicy soup in a restaurant. The ‘hot’ in soup isn’t the peace you wished for and as a result you decide to HOP.So the H or Hope gives you the direction to do something about it… perhaps calling the waiter hoping he will assist you. However, when the waiter arrives, the flaming mouth waivers your mind and you forget the O in HOP…So what do you do.…well in this example, the waiter arrives and you blabber ‘the soup is spicy… the soup is spicy’.  Then what does the waiter do? He would thank you for complementing the use of spices in the soup, perhaps refill your water glass and leave you to finish the same soup bowl. Had the person kept his optimistic foot on the table, his dialogue with the waiter would have had the sentences like, ‘The soup is spicy. I believe you can take it back to the chef to make it suitable for my palette.’ …Now, how did the O work this up..?

Well, the O in HOP gives one the power to take an action towards achieving peace. On one hand where Hope has the capacity to make one ‘let go, forget, forgive, move on‘; Optimism on the other hand pushes one to introspect and act with thoughts such as ‘Now that you have let gone What’s better in store, Recognize, Work it Up, This Will do It‘.

Lack of Hope and Optimism in life can sure be perceived to produce higher sense of practicality in a person; but, pursuing life with just the practical attitudes withers off your will to desire or dream. For instance, while applying for a job or university admission, if one just keeps his/ her practical shoes on, he/she may limit himself/ herself to applying at sub standard organizations. However, with the ‘socks of Hope and Optimism’ along with your ‘real world shoes’, dreams to apply for higher posts/ institutions are encouraged as well as actions to explore better opportunities are fostered. Moreover, extreme practicality in life is too monotonous and boring…It is a plain and pale state where everything is to be done as everything is required to be done!! This monotony should only be fashioned by robots….if humans exercise this robotic behaviour….wear and tear would eventually occur…resulting in distress..!!!..So if we, humans, internalize hope and optimism within us, zest and thrill of the unexpected future would be fortified and life would in turn become a smooth…revitalizing and peaceful journey!!!

Did the post forget to mention the P in HOP?… Switch on the hope and optimism in you ….and you will arrive at the P that is Positivism. So when you HOP, the H and O act as sparse soothers which facilitate in leaving the stressed zones by marching towards happy circles. However, just like a family builds on cohesiveness or the way roots and fruits are bolstered by the stem; Hope and Optimism too are riveted to Positivism.

For instance in the same example, while waiting for the change of soup bowl, one may doubt the levels of taste in the altered food…or bombard the brain by having thoughts such as …Is the restaurant going to charge me extra for the new soup? I hope it isn’t too sweet now. Why are they taking so much time? …Resulting in a drift away from peace..!! In such cases, the H and O are active but may die down unless one has positivism installed within the self. So for the same example, if HOP would have been complete, the one waiting for the new soup would have hummed songs instead of worrying for the soup that will eventually be as it is meant to be.

Apprehensions and Negative Emotion cannot amend destined situations. For instance, if one has to travel 20 hours on a plane; cribbing about the duration and discomfort of the travel would multiply the stress levels. On the other hand, if one relaxes, sleeps, watches movie, reads, meditates, converses…. the twenty hour travel can prove to be rejuvenating. Some events in life will eventually happen as it is supposed to happen. If we keep the positivism intact, not just during the extreme stressed events but in everyday life, nothing can really mess with our minds..our calm…our peace..!! This way, even if the results or situations aren’t satisfying, the positive energy in us would sustain the hope and optimism within, resulting in peaceful acceptance of reality.

So the H relieves, O acts and P sustains….!!!

The examples of the spicy soup, travel, applications may all look petty but then if you have the talent to HOP, you would certainly have the power to trivialize any disturbing source, event or person.

Now that we know how the HOP functions, let’s gets to the 5H..!! The 5H are the 5H Springs that can help you achieve a higher and stable hopping experience. What are these springs…?… Well these are HUMOR; HOBBY; HUM; HMM and HAHA... silly and simple…Aren’t they?

HUMOR- Read, listen or watch something funny every day. Now a days, many are dependent on technology for their daily humor. There isn’t much harm in that as long as you are laughing and relaxing. Stand up comedians, youtubers, funny snapchats are so in season for our laughter doses…. If you aren’t too much into technology for humor, well go out, observe people find the humor in real life situation. Perhaps, share a joke with your buddy, dress up funny at home, dance funny, sing funny…. and yes, the sing and dance funny really work even if you are alone..!! Whatever you do, make sure you are laughing everyday!!

HOBBY – Singing and Dancing are hobbies that provide magical springs to your hopping abilities. In a tensed situation, if you have the ability to sing or dance it off, boy, you don’t need any HOP lessons. Painting, gardening, playing an instrument, sport, cooking, photography (which I assume is slowly becoming a universal hobby), writing or Blogging…whatever it is… pursue it on a regular basis..!! Investing few minutes on a hobby everyday relaxes and revitalizes you. So move a muscle, any muscle….everyday!!

HUM – Humming chants or meditating on a daily basis, especially when one does it immediately after waking up or before sleeping act wonders for enhancing one’s hopping abilities. You don’t necessarily need a course to learn meditation. Just sit or lie down, close your eyes, breathe deeply and clear your mind from any thoughts. It is actually difficult to not think about anything but one eventually gets the hang of it. It is easier when you divert all your attention to a single chant or word. So any way that you like, the idea is to clear your head for a few minutes every day. Try doing it and you will see the change!

HMM and HAHA – So every event of the daily life doesn’t really need an in depth contemplation or vitality. Some things you let go and say HMMMMM….and some you laugh off and go HAHAAAAA ..!! So if you have say a.. Sudden rush of driver’s stress due to an amateur driver in front of your automobile….just HMM…HAHA and move on…! ..or an Insignificant person with a taunt for you…HMM.. HAHA and move on..!!.. Prices too high to buy…HMM…HAHA and move on..! No Electricity…HMM..HAHA..Go pay your Bills!!

So you see….HOP and the 5H are certainly a must for everyone. It comes without a price ….! Once purchased, installed and practiced…Peace is ensured with a lifelong guarantee…!! 

So don’t wait up….Get your 5H and start HOPpingg for a peaceful you!!! 😀 😀