‘Learning Disabilities’, A Book by Aradhana Tewari and Rajshree Tewari Now Available Online

Among the few academic books in the world penned jointly by a Mother and her Daughter

With the birth of every child, enfolds a new dream..! But ours is not a utopian world and not every dream has a smooth ride.
Some children struggle with the demands of the early school. They not only lag behind the majority of their class but also find learning much more difficult than others… Surprisingly intelligence tests often credit them with normal or even above normal intelligence.
Then where is the lacuna?

Well…. With our maiden venture, We have sincerely attempted to clear the clouding doubts regarding learning disabilities.

We hope the book strengthens the belief among all the stakeholders that children with learning disability can also dare to dream!
We also pray that this book will help some child somewhere to realize the same!!

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